I build machines, software and devices.


What I do

I build machines, software and devices that drive, fly, float, are stationary, make noise, are silent, use solar power, use almost no power, are waterproof, connect to the internet, are remote controlled, work on its own, measure, map, create, log...

Many projects are things that I'm just interested in. But I also work on projects for third parties. Contact me for more info.




Ethersweep is an Ethernet connected motor driver that takes JSON instructions and translates them into motion and position control. You can read more here.


3D Wifi Mapping

Project to measure and visualize the 3D shape of a WiFi signal. Using two Ethersweep controllers and an esp32 for RSSI measurements. Control and visualization done in Python and Matplotlib. GitHub.


GSM GPS Tracker

This is a low power GPS tracker that connects to an API via the GSM network. Backend with PHP, SQL and hardware with Atmega328 and c++ on tracker. You can read more on GitHub.


Birdbox with Webcam

I installed an ESP32 webcam in a birdbox. It takes a photo every 10s, has IR lighting and is connected to an API via WiFi. The backend detects similarities in the images to only store images where a significant change between the captures. Backend made in PHP, ESP code in c++. Website.


Water depth mapping

This project uses an NMEA capable echolot sounder, GPS, SD storage and an Arduino for depth mapping of water bodies. I started this project because I ran aground in the harbour entrance partly because the depth maps were incorrect. After I built this map, they dig out the flat spots. GitHub.


Laser CNC PCB exposer

This is a CNC controlled laser machine used for exposing a PCB pattern into photo sensitive PCB baser material. It is was used to build small size PCB prototypes using an etching process. GitHub.


ML captcha solver

A fast approach to solve captchas using a CNN. It works by detaching each character and solving them individually. It hits on more than 90% on the full captcha. GitHub.


1 kWp photovoltaic system

I built a 1 kWp solar system for self consumption and excess grid feed in. Real time logging using power meters, ESPs, Python and UDP. Because it is a non ideal west facing roof, it only generates approx. 550kWh p.a.


Real time power logger

I added real time power logging to the photovoltaik system. It uses an esp8266 and a commercial power meter with SI interface. Connected to an UDP API, it sends a pulse every watt hour and shows it online in a graph. Link.


Brisk feature detection for navigation

I used the BRISK feature detection algorithm to build a navigation system for robots. This is an example on aerial footage. Link.


Steam rocket engine

A rocket engine that uses superheated water as the propellant. It's build from a 20Mpa rated steel helium gas cylinder with welded fittings. The max tested operating pressure was 3Mpa for safety reasons. Also I built a test stand to measure and plot thrust. Link.


Laser distance sensor

This is a laser distance sensor using an ADNS3080 optical flow sensor and an angled line laser. Using triangulation for distance calculation and an image substraction concept to detect the laser line. Link.


4WD robot test platform

A WiFi connected 4WD robot test platform. Brusehd motors from cordless drills, dual H-Bridge controller, 12V battery powered, approx 25Kg. Link.


Solid state anemometer

Using load cells I built an anemometer that has no moving parts. This is beneficial, because no debris couldn't influence the measured results. Also it is less prone to failure. Link.


Force feedback servo motor

I added force and position feedback to a standard servo motor and a controller joystick with force feedback to control the servo. Link.


GoPro dive case

Because normal GoPro cases fog up and are hard to use underwater, I designed and built my own case. It is milled from polyethylene and has a 8mm window. The record button can still be operated. To change the battery or SD card, I have to open the lid with 16 m3 stainless screws (subject to change). Link.


3 axis CNC milling machine

I built a CNC milling machine that can cut all kinds of wood, plastics and even Aluminium with ease. It runs on Ubuntu, CNCjs and on the hardware side an Arduino with a GRBL shield. GCode programming is usually done in freeCAD. Link.


Backpack Camera Mount

I designed and built a camera mount for the strap of my backpack. It is made from CNC machined aluminium and PE. The camera slides into the mount and is stored and secured while hiking.